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Egyptian Civilization

Author: L.A. WaddellTrade Paper: 223 pagesITEM #900-336S
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Lawrence A. Waddell (1854-1938). As chief medical officer accompanying the Tibetan expedition of 1904, he superintended the official collections of literature and art which were later distributed together with one private collection of his own to libraries in Calcutta, London, Oxford and Cambridge. He published in 1905 “Lhasa and its Mysteries.”  In 1917 Waddell began to display interest in a new field, that of ancient relations of India to the Mesopotamian world. This led to large volumes of work and a theory of an “Aryan” origin of Sumerian and Egyptian civilization. This book has been reprinted for its importance for clarification of Zecharia Sitchin’s work in translation of his books. Sources, pictures, and research makes this one of the more important books of history.

Author: L.A. Waddell
Trade Paper: 223 pages
ITEM #900-336S



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