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The Long Emergency

By James Howard KunstlerTrade Paper: 306 pagesISBN: 080-214-2494
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The industrialized world is built on cheap oil. American people are sleepwalking into a world of hardship and turbulence. Global commerce, food production, and transportation may not survive. Life will become intensely local. We have passed the tipping point of global oil production and entering global depletion i.e. the final throws and collapse of the world situation and the potential bankruptcy of everything you know. Everything will change; weather, food, media, and every activity of daily life including the ownership of the home you live in.  This book will give you details on how, where, and what you can do to prepare for the vanishing American way of life and survival as we can know it. Your friends will want to read this book after you get it. We must be prepared!

By James Howard Kunstler
Trade Paper: 306 pages
ISBN: 080-214-2494



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