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The Sirius Mystery

By Robert TempleTrade Paper: 465 pagesISBN: 089281-750-X
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New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago

Many authors have examined the subject of extraterrestrial contact, but never before has such detailed evidence been so thoroughly presented. Drawing equally on his astounding knowledge of ancient history, mythology, Pythagorean physics, and chaos theory, Temple connects the African Dogons’ belief that they were visited by beings from Sirius to similar beliefs held by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, indicating that these cultures’ great knowledge of physics and astrophysics most likely was imparted to them by extraterrestrials. Temple’s conclusion that the alien civilization of Sirius and our own civilization are parts of the same harmonic system, destined to function and resonate together, is sure to bring about a profound reappraisal of our role in the universe.

By Robert Temple
Trade Paper: 465 pages
ISBN: 089281-750-X



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