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End of the World or ?

Important excerpts from the 476th
contact conversation of February 3, 2009
Billy:… Besides that, I would like to officially speak about the 21st of December 2012,
because I get asked again and again about the meaning of this date with regard to the
Mayan calendar. From your private explanations I indeed know what will happen on that
day and over the whole year 2012, but I shall keep silent about this so as not to provoke
fear and not to do panic-mongering. So I had the idea to write something about it in a
Special-Bulletin. Perhaps it would be good if I were to say some things that I know from
you, at least in some general way, perhaps as a small probability or possibility. What do
you think?
Ptaah:…Concerning the 21st of December 2012 and the entire year, you can mention
some things openly, but withhold those things that you were advised to remain silent
about. If you use the forms of possibility or of a small probability, then that may be all
Billy:Then I would like to read this here to you, which I have already written for a
Special-Bulletin. It would probably be good if I went into it now during our conversation,
so you could interrupt me and stop me if I said something that should be kept secret.
Ptaah:Your idea is good, so let me hear what you want toexplain.
Billy:Good; I don't want to treat what you explained to me for the year 2012 as a
prophecy or prediction, but as a possibility and a small probability. I will begin with a
question that has been posed to me.
What can you, Billy Meier, tell us about those things that are circulating everywhere
regarding the Mayan calendar and especially the 21
of December 2012 since the world
is supposed to come to an end then?
W. Hiestand, Switzerland
My answer:
Regarding the question I will begin by saying that the entirely nonsensical claims by all
the fear- and panic-mongers, who are “prophesying” the end of the world, are absolute
rubbish. Just as the end of the world, prophesied by astrologers, esoterics, know-alls and
panic-mongers, did not happen at the turn of the century or millennium in the year 2000,
the end of the world will also not happen on the date in question. Such panic-provoking,
crazy claims are, like all conspiracy theories, absolute nonsense and a common thing
since the existence of calendar calculations and unusual and rare astronomical and
climate-related phenomena. So claims regarding an end of the world occur with absolute
certainty whenever there is a turn of a century or a millennium. The same also happens
when special astronomical constellations or comets etc. as well as special terrestrial
natural phenomena appear. These are factors which are used by the panic-mongers,
“seers”, false “knowing ones” and all kinds of end-of-the-world prophets to disseminate
their nonsense and to frighten masses of people. Regarding the Mayan calendar, it must
be said that the year 2012 will bring a whole series of very special events, and the central
star of our system, our sun, will contribute to them, because on the sun’s surface
enormous eruptions will occur and solar storms are caused which will be very intensive
and will influence Earth’s geomagnetic balance. TheEarth's magnetic field can suffer
very strong fluctuations through the very strong X-ray radiation falling on it. And through
such geomagnetic storms, power grids and all electronic devices can collapse, thus also
those in satellites, and the ISS can also suffer great damage as well or can even fail
completely. Such solar storms can lead to enormous natural catastrophes, and in the
worst-case to a reversal of Earth’s magnetic field polarity. What also has to be said is that
such solar storms form to a climax in an exact rhythm every eleven years, which is
normal, but in the year 2012 it can happen in an extraordinary magnitude. Earth will
come under a very strong bombardment of hard radiation, which can have a very negative
effect on the Earth’s ozone layer. Due to the entire resulting process, nitric oxides and
acid rain can form worldwide, which can have terrible and devastating effects on the
entire plant world. The enormous solar eruptions can lead to further very strong climate
changes and, with it, to immense droughts, bad weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes,
crop failures and, therefore, to even greater famines than have existed up to now. In
addition to all this, the year 2012 brings other unpleasant events, such as a so far
unknown, invisible, dark and huge space wanderer that is threatening from the fringe of
our solar system and could wreak tremendous havoc as far as Earth is concerned. And if
this should really occur, the fact of its existencewould be openly proven starting with
2010 or 2011, if at all, because the possibility ofa “dark” and, therefore, non-observable
passage of the colossus is also possible. Apart from that, all kinds of unpleasant
machinations regarding unpeace, worldwide heavy warlike actions as well as increasing
degeneracy and excessive human ways of behaviour are threatening for the year 2012,
whereby all those things are especially terrible.
Ptaah: You should not say more, because what you explainedshould be enough.
Billy:Good, then it’s enough. But it would be of interest for the human beings of Earth to
know what is behind the Mayan calendar regarding the 21
of December 2012. If you can
say something about it?
Ptaah:That’s possible, yes. Regarding the Mayan calendar, the 21
of December 2012
represents the culmination of a star constellation that only occurs around every 26,000
years. The Mayan calculations are assuming that Earth – on the 21
of December 2012 –
shall lie on an imaginary line that joins together the star above the left side of the
constellation Orion with the central sun, i.e. the centre of the Milky Way. The Sun meets
the Milky Way at a location that is built by interstellar dust clouds, and is called “dark
cleft of the Milky Way” by the human beings of Earth. On the 21
of December 2012, at
nightfall of winter solstice, the Sun is directly in that cleft, and it is in such a position that
the Milky Way covers the horizon in all positions all around. Thereby the optical
impression is produced that the Milky Way would touch Earth all around and that the
galaxy would lie directly on Earth. On the whole that’s the end product of the Mayan
calendar recording. This should be sufficient, my friend. To say more would be too much
of a good thing, because it would only foster the fear of the human beings of Earth, which
should not be, however. So keep silent on all the further explanations that we have given
Billy: I will, but otherwise I would like to say somethingregarding the climate change
that may not be forgotten, but is deliberately disputed by irresponsible scientists as well
as by non-profit organisations. This is so because they are bribed by big oil and tobacco
companies as well as by noted chemical multinational companies and other multi-corporation companies with large sums going into the millions, in order that these venal
“experts” produce false experts’ reports (expertise) and tell lies that there is no global
warming and that no catastrophe is threatening. Themulti-corporation companies that are
criminal regarding this are gathering scientists and organisations which they have bought
or who are submissively dependent on them, because the companies assume that the
terrestrial population which is unknowing in the matters of global warming, and those
scientists who demonstrate the warming of the climate would rather believe the lies of the
bought scientists and organisations. They want to give the impression that there is a great
number of good scientists and organisations who could prove that there is no global
warming and, therefore, there is no related catastrophe to be expected. In fact, it is not
only a case of amounts going into the millions, butinto the billions, and those who are
greedy for profit do not care if the world and the foundations of life for the entire
humankind are destroyed. All those who are entangled in this are waging a conspiracy
campaign through which the effective truth of the climate change is disputed, in order to
prevent that worldwide effective climate-protectinglaws are enacted and implemented. If
such laws were enacted and were to be effective, then the multi-corporation companies
etc. would lose enormous amounts going into the billions (milliards), and the profitable
sources of income of the submissively dependent scientists and organisations would run
dry as well. So they are vehemently at work with false experts’ reports (expertise) which
are full of lies, and with which they are striving to boycott the really serious research
results of the honest and good scientists, and to disparage their results as figments of the
imagination. As a result, measures for the protection of the climate have been delayed for
decades, so the multi-corporation companies which are denying the climate change, have
earned many billions (milliards). But it is true that the climate change is taking place,
however not only through circumstances that have appeared in a natural way since time
immemorial, but in more than 75 percent because of factors caused by human beings. But
ultimately, the climate change will not only have an effect on the Earth and its waters and
nature, because it is already demonstrable that theglaciers and poles are melting in a
catastrophic way, and that the ocean currents are changing, through which – although
small at first – new gravitational waves are already forming that are also running out into
space at very high speed. So the Earth’s gravitational field will also change as a result of
this, and not only through the threatening solar storms in the year 2012, and this change
will not be restricted to the planet alone, but will also have an effect out into space, as a
gravitational-space-tsunami, so to speak. The climate change does not only change Earth,
but the effects also carry out into the SOL system as far as the Kuiper Belt, and probably
even much farther out into space. If the ocean currents intermingle, then they create
tremendous amounts of energy through their huge masses of water, which influence the
gravitational field, and through the climate changealso Earth’s atmosphere contracts and
compresses, which has already imperceptibly started. Through the whole thing of the
already occurring climate change, inevitable first changes have arisen in fauna and flora
which unfortunately have not yet been detected by scientists, but from which sooner or
later visible consequences will emerge. The time has already come where the climate
change is moving around gigantic masses of ice and water through which dangerous
pressure-related effects are created on the Earth'scrust and tectonic shifts are caused.
This inevitably leads to more severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as is also the
case with large reservoirs, which is still disputedby the narrow-minded scientists; not
seldom because they don’t want to accept the truth or are paid for their false calculations
by the multi-billion dollar multi-corporation companies. However, what is not heeded
with the necessary care is the fact that through the melting of the inland-glaciers of all
countries, as well as the melting of the glaciers of Greenland, the Antarctica and Arctic,
the sea level rises, which finally leads to catastrophic geological consequences. The
gigantic ice sheets of Greenland, the two poles andthe inland-glaciers of all countries are
pressing with many billions of tons of weight on the ground underneath, which is pressed
deep into the Earth's crust, and in which great depressions have been formed. If now the
gigantic masses of ice melt, then the pressure on the ground underneath diminishes and,
as a result, it moves very quickly upwards, and thereleased tension leads to the
disappearance of the depression. This is not harmless, however, because tectonic
movements result through the released tension, whereby earthquakes of all strengths are
increasingly triggered. Through the resulting meltwater the sea level rises elsewhere,
whereby again the coastal regions are plagued by rising water pressure. As a result, the
ground underneath changes, however at great depths,where great magma-masses are
moved and driven into volcanos, which leads to new and increased volcanic eruptions.
But the total of the immense increase of the water-masses in the oceans leads yet again to
another evil effect, because the water-masses influence the rotation of Earth, namely in
the way where the planet starts to turn faster, anda change in the time of day is effected.
However, all this is not the entire result of global warming because, truthfully, the human
being is also negatively influenced by it in a physical, psychic and mental way. Thus
depressions arise which spread more and more among many people on Earth and turn
into chronic conditions. Disturbances of the consciousness also appear more frequently,
and so states of anxiety as well as thoughts and feelings of loss spread more and more, as
do the cooling of thoughts and the resultant callousness. Brutality, violence and
consciencelessness become ever more extreme and lead to the murder of fellow human
beings.All terrible things increasingly get out of hand, as well as the craving for
enjoyment and the addiction to alcohol, medications, drugs and the adrenaline-kick. This
happens because the human being’s mental health is damaged by the climate change, and
the anatomy of the brain changes, even if this happens only imperceptibly at first and has
not yet been detected by scientists – and will probably be disputed, as I now openly
mention this fact and truth. That’s what I actuallywanted to say according to what you
privately explained to me, among other things, approximately two years ago.
Ptaah:What you have just said actually lies on the border of that which you may say
openly. You should not disclose further explanations.
Billy:Understood. But something should also be said about the fact that the human
beings of Earth are causing many terrible things and catastrophes themselves, not only
with regard to global warming, but also because they collectively direct their powers of
thoughts and their powers of sub-consciousness so mightfully on terrible things and
catastrophes etc. A part of this are also the falseclaims and lies by fear- and panic-mongers as well as doomsday prophets, religions and their sects etc. who focus on those
human beings who are susceptible to this whereby the terrible things and catastrophes etc.
then actually come true. Nowadays, through the internet, it is even worse than in the past,
when evil news, fears and doomsday tales, as well as other absurdities were only spread
by religions, sects, doomsday prophets, newspapers,journals and through the radio. A
majority of human beings constantly occupy themselves with dreadful things that are
“prophesied” by alarmists and conspiracy theorists,through which they terrify those
people who are susceptible to it. And the more people believe in this nonsense and build
it up to a delusion within themselves and in the environment, the more mightful the
power of the related common thoughts becomes, untilthey become the determining
might and trigger and cause the thought-up catastrophe or terrible things. The might of
thoughts brings about everything, so to speak, and in fact the more certain the more the
powers of thoughts of many people unite in the samecause. This means that what the
human being nurtures and maintains in his thoughts,inevitably fulfils itself. And the
more human beings focus on something specific with their powers of thoughts, which
could or shall turn out, the more certain it will actually come true. This refers to
everything and everyone, or rather to everything that is conceivable, therefore also to
factors of nature which, when influenced by the enormous human powers of thoughts,
can trigger immense catastrophes.
Ptaah:An indisputable fact. Once again I would like to remind you not to disclose any
further details with reference to the year 2012. What will be necessary to be openly
mentioned, I will explain to you in good time.