Wednesday, 22 May 2024
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The result of multi-national corporations gathering scientist and organizations to dispute the global warming is to cause more non action and NO preparation on the coming consequences of mankind failure to change.
Measures for protection of climate have been delayed for decades as greed for the use of the planet has taken first position. Climate change is taking place through circumstances that have appeared in a natural way since the beginning of time, but in more than 75% of conditions are caused by human beings. Ultimately, the climate change will not only have an effect on the Earth and its waters and nature, because it it already demonstrable that the glaciers and poles are melting in a catastrophic way, and the ocean currents are changing, through which the gravitional waves are already forming and extending out into space at an accelerated pace.  Earth's gravitional field will also change as a result of this, and will the threating solar storms in 2012, which not only effect the planet but also outer space as a gravitational-space-tsunami.  The climate change will extend out into the Solar system as far as the Kuiper Belt (1) and maybe farther.  If the ocean currents intermingle, then they create tremendous amounts of energy through their huge masses of water, which influences the gravitation field, and through the climate change through the Earths atmosphere contracts and compresses, which has already started. Changes have and are occuring in the fauna and flora which will increase so that the scientist studies will reveal. The time has come where the climate change is moving gigantic masses of ice and water through which dangerous pressure-related effects are created on the Earth's crust and tectonic shifts are caused. This leads to more severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and in the case of large reservoirs more damage. The melting of the inland glaciers of all countries, as well as Greenland, the Antartic and Artic, the sea level is rising which will result in catastrophic geological consequences. These sheets of ice, the two poles and inland glaciers of all glaciers are pressing with many billions of tons of weight on the ground underneath, which is pressed deep into the earths crust, which releases the pressure of the earth and the tectonic movements will increase suddenly with the released movement, which will cause the magma deep in the earths crust to move up and cause many volcanoes to become active.This also effects the rotation of the earth, and the earth will probably start spinning faster and time measurements will change.  Disturbances of the conciousness will accelerate and states of anxiety and thought about loss spread more and more and the laws of the universe ignored. Brutality and violence of all types will become more extreme and cravings for drugs, alcohol, medications will become more addictive as mankind seeks relief in the wrong way.
(1) Kuiper Belt Facts
The Kuiper belt extends from Neptunes orbit to three billion kilometers beyond it. It contains lumps of icy material with organic compounds, The act like comets. These lumps are caled Kuiper belt objects or minor planets. the Kuiper belt may have formed when the gravity of the young Jupiter sent the objects out to where they are now.  Scientist consider Pluto to be one of the largest Kuiper belt objects. It is 2390 km across. The next largest known object is Orcus, which is about 1600 km (1000 miles). Scientist have recently found an object, 2003 UB313, that is bigger than Pluto. Tehy estimate it to be 20% larger than Pluto. It is about 100 times further away from the Sun than Earth.  Other large Kuiper belt objects are Plutos moons.

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