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Planetary Origins


MANY RESEARCHERS HAVE TRIED TO CALCULATE THE TIME OF THE "BIBLICAL FLOOD" FROM THE PRESENT TIME 2010, the Great Flood took place exactly 10,114 years ago.It was caused by a worldwide catastrophe of cosmic origin when a giant comet displaced Earth from its orbit, and changed its period of revolution and direction. At that time earth day was more than 40 hours,and sun came up in the West. Such changes and direction or revolution has effected the earth two more times since the flood, but have not produced such destruction. The last time this happened was approximately 3500 years ago.

The great flood of 10,114 years ago was produced by a gigantic comet, which has already caused much damage and moves through our universe since very ancient times.  The ET's have labeled it the "Destroyer" and has traveled through this universe for millions of years.  Using our chronology, this comet has a cycle of approximately 575 1/2 years and will come dangerously close to earth approximately the year 2255. The last (close) passage occurred 295 years ago in 1680.  When it passed by the planet 10,014 years ago, this giant comet passed by earth and nearly destroyed it. 

Along with this comet was trailing two other bodies and an event that is seldom witnessed occurred, the transplantation of a planet from a distant solar system that was thrown from its orbit and pushed into cosmic space, where it ran parallel to the giant comet.  It traveled behind the comet for more than 130 years and slowly deviated from its course. approx 3700 years ago, the Destroyer penetrated this solar system and disarranged the planetary orbits. Passing near the earth, its vast trail shrouded the planet and shook the planet violently creating extensive storms and volcanic eruptions.

Human beings and animals died in great numbers, mountains were displaced, and depths of the oceans changed. In the Mediterranean sea, lava walls of the Volcano Santorini were running deep and large quantities of water was penetrated. This produced  a catastrophe as the volcano exploded and destroyed the Isle. The flood waters reached a height of over 2000 meters and te ocean moved throughout the world.  All inside the area were killed and the waters ran red with blood.In Egypt the storms inundated large areas and caused epidemics, while the flood waters ran over the shores of present Syria and destroyed all harbor cities and much of the landscape.

The comet shot through this system and went out into the cosmos again to return in another 575 1/2 years.  In its trail, following were two other objects (the displaced planet) about the size of earth, and was captured by the gravity of the sun and the system and the gigantic sources guided this planet into orbit between Mercury and Earth and since then, this transplanted planet is known to Earth as VENUS. The fateful comet also brought along our MOON, a small planet from a far away solar system. The moon originated as a small planet 4 1/2 million years older than earth.

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