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The Interview

 source: Rich Morton – Teaching how to live in a new paradigm of thought and human understanding.

She said: "how is it that you keep your human form in this world?  Why are you not able to show me your true form?"

     Well, first of all, my true form is not comprehensible in this material consciousness. It is not something that the human mind can understand in this dimension. Another reason I am not able to show you my true form in this reality is because I have to stay morphed in this human body to maintain my existence in this dimension.  In my natural state I am much different, but I cannot show you that form, for it would be the same dilemma as a person that was wearing a spacesuit could not show you their true form while existing in an outer space condition.  Let's say for example that if you were to go to another planet another world with completely different conditions to your natural state you would have to put on a suit of some kind to protect yourself and to give you the ability to survive in the conditions that you found yourself to be in.  Likewise, I am presently in another world, in fact another dimension, from my natural state and the only way in which I can survive here is to put on this earth-suit and live a human life like everyone else around me.  I cannot open it up and show you who I am as another being—another form—without exposing myself to the environment of this world, this dimension, which would in turn be to my demise.  Imagine if one of your astronauts were on a space mission and they were to open up their space suite and expose their true physical self to the environment of where they were visiting. They would be dead in a matter of seconds.  Well the same holds true for me.  In order for me to materialize here on this planet I had to morph into this human form as my spacesuit so that I might exist here, and I am committed to continue to inhabit this human form until I am resurrected out of here.


     Yes, it is true, I am a conscious being from another world another dimension in fact and I came here to become one of your species, and to experience and observe the dramas of this existence; and to learn and grow in my understanding from these so that I may continue my travels throughout this multi-dimensional universe as an expression of the Infinite Energy of all things. The more I learn, and the more I grow, the more I become aware of that which I am.  As I become a greater expression of the Infinite Energy of all things the more I am able to express that energy and the more fulfilled and complete I become as a conscious being.  I, the spiritual self, am all that is—as are you but we do not yet have the awareness of it, therefore our expression of it is miniscule.

     So, who are you?

     I am a sojourner traveling this infinite multi-dimensional universe seeking greater experiences in which to apply my wisdom gained through many lifetimes of experience, on many levels of existence so that I may emerge into a greater awareness of my true nature my true Self.

     But how do you know this about yourself, and how am I supposed to believe you?

     It does not matter what you believe about me.  The main focus is what you believe know about you.  In actually, you cannot believe/know something about someone else, on a deep spiritual level, that you do not believe/know about yourself.  Blind faith about spiritual identity will accomplish nothing positive on a quantum scale.  But true knowingness through awareness, accompanied with experience, will accomplish infinite possibilities on many levels of existence.  The reason I know this about myself is through the experiences I have had, and the awareness gained from these.  The more awareness you acquire the more wisdom you will display through, and in, your daily life.  Eventually you will be able to look within yourself and see the wisdom that you need for the questions you have formulated in your life.  Soon you will follow this inner wisdom and you will become a more balanced and peaceful individual. Infinite individual expression of Beingness is the journey we are all on.  The more we learn, the more we grow, and the more we become that expression.  As I become aware of this inner truth about me I can then apply this knowledge about me towards you. Then I can see you as whom you really are and thereby give you your freedom.  When you experience this freedom you will be free, free to be the expressive infinite creative individual that you are.  One of the wonderful benefits to this process is: the more freedom I can give you, and all others with whom I become aware of, the more freedom I have and experience in my own existence.  The reason being, in spiritual reality which is infinite multi-dimensionality what you give out is what you receive.  If I then condemn you for some reason I have, I am then condemned by my own condemnation of you.  It boomerangs right back at me.  My judgment of you is my judgment of me.  This is a spiritual principle throughout all dimensions.  This is why it is so important to know and understand who we are in our spiritual identity. Because in the knowing of my true self I can then know you in your true selfness, and this then comes back around to me in positive energy as a greater awareness of who I am, then the compound interest to this principle is my freedom from this worlds limitations; and the belief in limitation is one of the great hindrances of this material existence.  When we can only see others and our circumstances from the limited human perspective, with the blinders that have been placed upon our eyes in this stage of consciousness, we see through a glass darkly; but when we begin to see with the limitlessness of spiritual vision, we can then see the true spiritual condition and freedom of all things.  Thereby we are able to bestow this freedom to all whom we meet, and upon all conditions we may find ourselves in.  A vision unlimited from the concepts of dense consciousness is the heritage of all conscious beings.

     What exactly is the reason you are here?

     I am here in this dimension, living a human life on this planet as a human so that I will learn and spiritually grow into a greater awareness of my true identity. This physical human self that I am expressing here is the least important part of me, but I need my humanity so that I can be here and have the experiences that I am having. [The majority of the people in this world have just the opposite approach to life, with the physical organism being the most important part of them, and the spiritual essence being the least important part of their existence.] Yet, this in turn, is the way in which I am able to learn and grow into a greater expression of who I am.

     I have a five-physical sense persona, but this part of me is not the true me.  The more expansion I have of the true me, through wisdom and knowledge, the more my consciousness is enriched and I can then express these changes in my physical life.  Here in this physical matrix the chance for change is always with us.  This is one of the great spiritual principles of life.  If you don't like your situation you have the power to change it.  It may take some fortitude on your part, but it can be done.  Through this process you will learn and grow immensely, and this is the purpose of your life to learn and grow!  The knowledge and wisdom gained from these experiences will add to your true spiritual-self and you will have become more of that which you are seeking; and what we are all seeking is our true self.

How can all this be true? How can this be possible?

     Nothing is impossible to the true self.  Yet in this physical world many things cannot materialize as possibilities because of the limitations we have placed upon it and ourselves through our structured and dogmatic belief systems.  Spiritual reality is infinite possibility and we can bring this reality into our physical experience, but it will be done through spiritual wisdom and not the wisdom of this world.  Through the wisdom of your spiritual identity you will be able to begin to explore the infinite potentiality and possibilities of all things.  As the belief in limitation subsides in you, you will allow for impossibilities to be options in your experience.  As you allow for these impossibilities to be possibilities you will attract the necessary energy towards you to accomplish these dreams and ideas as long as they are on the positive, uplifting and fulfilling side of intention. Whatever is for your highest and best good will be the path you will follow when you are in the rhythm of Oneness. The power of your advanced spiritual wisdom will not be used for self-gratifying, harmful nor destructive purposes.  In fact, this would be a grave mistake.  The boomerang effect of this kind of intention would prove to be very harmful to such an abuser all by their own doing.

     So, what you are saying is that as I become aware of my spiritual identity I will grow in true wisdom and knowledge and this will then be transmuted into a spiritual energy that will be a benefit to me here in this earthly life?

     Yes! This is one way you can look at it. But not only will it be a benefit to you here in this physical life, more importantly, it will benefit you on many levels of multi-dimensional expression.  It will add to your true self and you will have grown in a measurable way; you will have become more than what you were presently expressing. You will have experienced growth a spiritual metamorphosis will have taken place to some extent.  This is spiritual growth, and this will continue on in your experiences and into the infinite individual expression of Beingness.

     So what is it that is true about my life?

     All things true are spiritual: and the true Beingness that you are expressing is a spiritual energy being, and the more you grow in spiritual consciousness the more you enlarge your capacity for energy expression. That which is spiritual is constant, but it is continually advancing and infinitely unfolding into greater and greater expressions of Beingness.  The only absolute is that nothing is absolute!  Changes are not necessarily permanent but true change is, and these changes will be expanded within your spiritual consciousness and into your infinite expression of individually.

     What about all the changes we see in this world?

     The physical realm is temporary and constantly changing; yet change on this level is an unremitting ebb and flow of a rearranging of materiality nothing really changes externally unless there is an inward change.  This is why the more things change, the more they stay the samein the natural consciousness that is.  So we must endeavor to seek out a higher understanding within the framework of our true nature, of our spiritual identity, so that we may bring this much needed change of energy into our everyday experience, and in this way we shall expand into our infinite individual expression of Beingness. This is the path of spiritual growth that we ultimately find ourselves on.

     So where do we go from here? How do we incorporate this into our lives?

     Well, after we arrive at a place in consciousness where we realize that our life is a chance to change, a chance to spiritually grow into a greater awareness of our true self and nature, then through a new found willingness to cooperate with this principle, we will begin to understand that nothing is impossible and we must now allow for so-called impossibilities to be viable options in our life expression.

     Wow, thats heavy. I don't know if I can do that.

     Well thats just it no one can do this in their external egoic state, these spiritual principles work from within you and they change you and give you the ability to accomplish these insights.  Your part is to focus your desire to change to go within your soul and deeply look at the intention of your life and as you put your energy into that desire you will attract the situations into your life that will help you get to where you have envisioned yourself to be.  Your part is to accept personal responsibility for your actions and reactions to all of lifes issues.  You will never grow into a greater awareness of your true self without first accepting your part in that growth process.  You must become responsible to yourself.  Then, and only then, will you be able to make the quantum leap into the higher realities of the ethereal truths of Beingness.  There is no short cut to get to the place where you operate within the framework of an expanding spiritual horizon, but you can shorten the time by adhering to the principles laid out in the teachings you have received.  The path that you find yourself currently on is the place where you start, and as you commit to this process you will be given the opportunities to advance in your understanding, and through this process a transformation will take place. You might not always see it that way, but as you look back over your life you will see the changes that have taken place within you and the spiritual growth that has taken place. You truly will become a new creation from what you considered yourself to be before. When spiritual growth towards an enlightened expression of life is your intention then everything you need to reach this purpose will be attracted into your experience.

     It sounds like you are saying that no matter where I am right now, whatever spiritual understanding I am involved in, whatever life situation I have going on, no matter what; I can change that through the principles you are sharing with me, and it won't be me that is doing this changing within me but the principles working through me is the force that is changing my life situation?

     Exactly!  As your consciousness is enriched so your life situation will be enriched as well. There can never be true external change without internal change.  Whatever your state of consciousness is today is the result you are receiving today, and if you want your tomorrow to be different than today you will need to have a different state of consciousness than you have today. Your tomorrows cannot be different without a change of consciousness, and spiritual principles will help you to change and enrich your consciousness so that you can have a new expression of your life experience.  As you give your time to study and meditation of the spiritual life you are planting seeds of change within your consciousness. These seeds of change will germinate and sprout in your consciousness and bring forth fruitage in due time.  But you must be committed to the process in order for this to happen. There is no magic wand that anyone can wave over you and make this all happen. There is not even a formulated plan of action that you can adhere to that will guarantee the results that you desire.  There is just your commitment to the spiritual way of life and then let yourself by guided step by step along your path into the Beingness you deeply desire to express. The fruit comes by its own volition, not by any specific thing you think you can do.

     Is there not anything I can do to help this become a reality in my life?

Yes, there are universal spiritual laws of intention, attraction, allowance and balance that you need to work with and that must harmonize in your experience in order to bring you into the place that you have always deeply desired to be.  It can take a lifetime to achieve just a portion of this, but it is well worth the time that it takes you.  This is a life worth living this is a life of growing, learning and becoming more than what you are presently expressing. This is why you are here: as am I.  We are here as the offspring of the Divine, to become an expression of the Divine, that we may know as we are known. Everything that we need to fulfill our life purpose is within us, but we must learn to let go of the external and go within ourselves, to the Beingness that we are, and then allow that confined luminosity to express itself.

     The Consciousness that we are knows what is best for us, and if we can learn to get out of the way and to go within and make contact with that Consciousness we will find that our life is unfolding in a harmonious way in which we will be pleased and at peace with ourselves. The reason there is no external peace in the world is because there is no peace within humankind.  Humanity is at war with itself, and it expresses that internal war in external wars with one another. When peace is achieved within there will be peace in the without and that goes for each and every personal self as well as the population as a whole.

     All that is true of creation at the highest level is true of us: all that the Creator has is ours. We have access to the infinite knowledge of the universe, but because of our belief in a limited separated individuality we get in our own way and we stumble over ourselves and blame one another for our shortcomings; and we keep ourselves bogged down in this limitation because of our shortsightedness and lack of conscious awareness of the truth of our true union. Yes, we are infinite individual expressions of Life, but yet we are ONE.  We are one Consciousness individually expressed.

So, am I myself my biggest problem to solving the riddle of life?

     We are our own worst enemy not some external power. We cause the chaos in this world as our own state of consciousness is expressed as our external world.  Our world is nothing less than the out-picturing of the states and stages of consciousness that we are individually expressing.  As we arrive at a balanced state of consciousness then chaos will no longer be the norm of this world.  This new paradigm of spiritual unfoldment that we find ourselves in today is the catalyst that will help us to achieve this balanced state of consciousness, for where balance reigns supreme chaos cannot prevail.

     Unbeknownst to yourself you have generated all of your life-experiences in order to bring your present state of consciousness into a place of Spiritual Balance.  This is the reason you came into this world: That through these experiences you are having here in this dimension you might obtain spiritual Balance. This is why we are all here.  This is the horizon before us!  The reason there is so much chaos and confusion in this world is because of the imbalance of the spiritual polarities of Light and Dark. We are polarity based to one side or the other and we do not have any balance in our lives. Therefore we are in a state of imbalance/confusion, and this then is epitomized in the experiences we are having. When balance is achieved and the Light and the Dark are merged into the middle path of singularity, imbalance will no longer be a hindrance and Balance will emerge as the overriding authority in all life expression; resulting in the peace, harmony and the ultimate unfolding of spiritual consciousness; and in the infinite potentiality for spiritual expression.  This must happen in your individual life, and this must happen in the corporate global structure if we ever want to grow out of the chaos we have created for we are the creators of our life expression. All beings must learn and grow into their infinite nature, and this world provides the perfect sequence of possible events for this spiritual growth to take place.  Because of the diversity and the complexity of life-experience on this planet it has become one of the unparalleled opportunities for spiritual advancement that one could ever choose to be subjected to. This life we are living here provides a momentous opportunity to become a Grand Master in our spiritual identity. So here I am a Sojourner on a journey through time and the timeless dimensions of Infinite Consciousness in order that I might become all that I can spiritually be, so that I might articulate the infinite Oneness of all Beingness and thereby fulfill the purpose for which I am created.

That which is true of me, is true of you, and true of all. But like a treasure that has been buried in a dark and veiled location, we must endeavor to search it out and then utilize the potential that has been reveled so that we might become rich in the spiritual riches that lead us to true freedom – the freedom of Infinite Individual Expression of Beingness. This is the purpose of an Expanding Horizons modality of life  The expansion of spiritual consciousness, understanding, knowledge and true wisdom towards the personal attainment of Balance.